We are a team of health coaches driven by a mission to meet and exceed our guests’ health and fitness needs. ASANA Wellness Center hopes to  make getting healthy easy through authentic care and service that delights our clients visit after visit.

Core Values

  1. Care: To help our clients reach their health and fitness goals through whole person lifestyle support and nutrition programs. Our health coaches are dedicated to detecting, correcting and supporting lasting root cause resolution so our clients can experience the best in optimized health and wellbeing.
  2. Competence: To be experts and leaders in the health and fitness field, bringing the highest level of knowledge, ability and support to each guest.
  3. Consistency: To provide a dependable and trustworthy experience to our clients each time they visit our Jacksonville wellness center, ensuring that we are upholding the highest level of care and service so we may consistently exceed our clients’ expectations.
  4. Commitment: We are committed to excellence in health and fitness, and will seek out ongoing training, nutrition programs, and the tools needed to ensure our clients receive the best from ASANA Wellness, the leading lifestyle resource center.


Our team of health and fitness leaders bring more than 35 years of expertise to serve each client in achieving their health and wellness results.