Today we live in a toxic world. From the air we breathe, the food we eat, to the clothes we wear, beauty products used, medications taken and chemicals you put on our lawns, these are just a few of the daily exposures that we all face that are taking a serious toll on our bodies. As a result,  the body becomes over burdened and is unable to fully and properly eliminate toxins.  The impact leads to immune dysfunction, hormone imbalance, GI problems, Metabolic Function, Allergies and Sensitivities to the more debilitating Autoimmune Diseases.

Don’t let your environment put a toxic burden on your body. Reduce, Remove and Revitalize your body with one of our Detox Programs. Each of our  programs are built on the following 6 pillars so you can optimize your energy, health and life.

How It Works

We understand that the safest and most effective way for you to optimize your Health while reducing allergic risk and exposure is through a program designed just for you. Each of our programs have 6 Foundational Pillars to ensure your success.


Personalized Programs

At Asana Wellness, we believe that not one size fits all. This is why, we have developed systems that allow us to individualize each client’s treatment plan for optimal success. Your program will entail a combination of safe and highly effective clinical detox supplements, nutritional therapies, elimination protocols, coaching and clinical support. Whether you want to increase your energy, reduce pain and inflammation or boost and help heal your immune system, we have a customized detox plan that will work for you.


Comprehensive Medical Evaluation

Based on your in depth clinical exam with the doctor, EKG, age, weight, comprehensive environment blood profiles, medical history, 20 biomarkers, and your personal health goals, we will identify what is taking your body out of balance so you can correct the problem and optimize your energy, health and life.


Real Food

Did you know that food can be friend or foe? Certain foods increase toxins and impair healthy liver function while others support the cleansing of toxins and energize your body. This is why we will create an individualized detox nutrition plan that fits your lifestyle, tastes and caloric needs. There is no fasting, just shakes or prepackaged food. You will enjoy regular meals with your family both at home and at restaurants.



At the heart of Asana Wellness is our State of the Art fitness center. Did you know that sweat is one of your bodies natural ways to detox and cleans irritants from your system. We will help you understand the types of exercise you can incorporate into your daily life to help optimize your detox levels, boost your energy and enhance your health.



Did you know that STRESS ( Physical, Mental, Emotional, Chemical & Environmental) is toxic to the body?  That’s right, it produces chemicals that are inflammatory which cause endocrine disruption throughout your body. This means the important chemical messengers can’t attach to the cell to deliver critical health promoting information. Find out what is stressing you and what you can do about it so you can naturally optimize your health. Asana Wellness helps make getting healthy easy by sitting down with you and helping to gain the answers to give you the insight of what your body needs to be its healthiest.


Lifestyle Support

Asana was built on this very concept of lifestyle support.  The truth is, it is easy to get started and make change but the real challenge for many comes in making it a lasting change. This is why once you achieve your detox goals, we will implement an individualized maintenance program designed to ensure your continued success!


Our programs include one or more of the following items and will be recommended based on your individual goals and clinical needs: