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Are you feeling fatigued during the day?, Do you have belly fat that refuses to lose it? Does your brain feel foggy?,

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’ve come to the right place.

Are you looking for a lasting weight loss solution? One that will help you take the weight off and keep it off?  Have you counted calories, taken diet pills or gone to the gym yet you feel like you have little to show for it?  If you answered yes, Asana Wellness can help.

At Asana Wellness we take a different approach to your weight loss success because we understand there is no one size fits all.  Scientifically, we know that if your body is not releasing the weight, there is a reason. To discover the reason, we use science instead of guesswork to get to the root of your weight loss challenge.  

How Our Weight Loss Programs Work

We understand that the safest and most effective way for you to manage your weight is through a program designed just for you. Each of our programs have 6 Foundational Pillars to ensure your success.


At Asana Wellness, we believe that not one size fits all. This is why, we have developed systems that allow us to individualize each client’s treatment plan for optimal success. Whether you want to lose 10 pounds or 100 pounds, if you have stubborn belly fat, a slow metabolism, hormonal imbalance or can’t control your appetite, we have an individualized medically supervised plan that will work for you.

COMPREHENSIVE-MEDICAL-ICONComprehensive Medical Evaluation

Based on your in depth clinical exam with the doctor, EKG, age, weight, blood results, medical history, 20 bio markers, body mass index and weight loss goals; you will be prescribe a combination of medications, fat burning nutrients and clinical grade supplements to reduce your appetite and cravings for carbohydrates, alcohol, caffeine or sugar. They also aid in decreasing anxious feelings, help to increase your metabolism and allow you to feel satisfied and fuller longer so you can achieve your weight loss results.

Real-food-iconReal Food

Asana Wellness understands that food nurtures your body and is filled with valuable information that tells your body how to burn more fat. This is why we will create an individualized meal plan that fits your lifestyle, tastes and caloric needs. There is no fasting, just shakes or prepackaged food. You will enjoy regular meals with your family both at home and at restaurants.


At the heart of Asana Wellness is our State of the Art fitness center. Research shows that 150 minutes of regular activity per week is required to aid in weight loss and enhance your health and wellbeing. At Asana, we make getting healthy easy and will recommend specific ways to incorporate exercise into your everyday life. From walking, playing with the kids or running with your dog, we can help you incorporate the appropriate exercise routine into your lifestyle.


Weight loss studies show time and again that those who have to weigh in, log their food and meet with a coach lose on average 20-30% more weight than those who don’t. This same group is shown to be 55% more likely to keep the weight off vs. the non coached group gains it back typically within 3 months. Be supported and get the results you deserve.

lifestyleLifestyle Support

Asana was built on this very concept of lifestyle support.  The truth is, it is easy to take the weight off but the real challenge for many comes in keeping the weight off. This is why once you achieve your weight loss goal, we will implement an individualized maintenance program designed to ensure your continued success!

Your personalized program may contain one or more of the following solutions so you can get the results you want and deserve.

Our approach is unlike any other, it is not just about getting the weight off - our programs all hold the key so you can keep it off. Request your complimentary 15 minute clinical consultation today.

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