Gluten is a protein that is in common grains such as wheat, rye, and barley, and other less common grains such as spelt, bulgar, semolina, couscous, triticale, graham, kamut and durum flour. It has a glue-like constancy that gives bread its elastic properties. If you are gluten intolerant, your body is unable to digest this glue-like protein. The gluten that is undigested forms deposits on the intestinal walls and your body sends the immune system into the area to kill it. The immune system response creates antibodies that sensitize the body to gluten and cause an inflammatory response. This causes several things to occur: Nutritional Deficiencies, slowed weight loss, increased GI issues such as bloating and the presence of a “wheat belly” regardless of how much exercise, you just can’t get that six pack.

Not everyone needs to be gluten free but for a large percentage of the population, the need is real. Don’t guess with your health, find out with this test that is the most comprehensive test for Gluten that will let you know how to take your health back and optimize your well being.