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Are you feeling fatigued during the day?, Do you have belly fat that refuses to go away? Does your brain feel foggy?,

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’ve come to the right place.

Supports you with the most clinically proven weight loss system based off of Dr. Simeons original clinical work called pounds and inches. You will utilize daily dosing of hCG- a naturally occurring hormone that signals a center in your brain to increase fat metabolism of stored fat so you can lose pounds and inches fast.

  • hCG is a highly safe and effective approach to successful weight loss. Studies show the average female loses 18 – 24 pounds in 32 days and the average male loses 24 – 28 pounds in 32 days on the hCG diet.
  • hCG targets the fat stores in the body allowing you to lose both pounds and inches. At Asana Wellness, we track your success to ensure you are mobilizing and burning stored fat and that you are properly breaking down and safely eliminating the fat stores from your body with the In Body Bio Electrical Impedance Analysis System. This allows you to have clarity and confidence in your results.


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