Vitamins are essential to human life. Depleted levels of nutrients can lead to slowed healing time, decreased metabolic rate, difficulty losing weight, and the risk of serious life threatening conditions and disease. Due to today’s standard American diet of highly processed foods, lack of rotating our crops and the heavy use of pesticides and chemicals on our foods the result is depleted soils void of nutrients. As a result, food companies “fortify” foods with nutrients that are often not bioavailable or in the natural form so our body can actually absorb and utilize them for life sustaining activities. When your body is deficient, your health will begin to be compromised, your energy will drop and no matter how much you exercise, you will not lose weight but most importantly, your ability to thrive will be impaired.

Vitamin and nutrition blood tests can detect mineral, iron, calcium and other deficiencies, telling you which vitamins you lack so we can support you with a targeted road map out of deficiency and back to energized health and wellbeing.